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The Western Sister of Centria's Siblings of Commerce


Caldura is the Western counterpart of the grand trade cities bookending the Calden Road. Though it was renovated in recent years, patches of Pullboar, it's former identity, still stand out amidst the fresh masonry. Humbart's Supplies is one such echo of years past. Caldura is thriving. Well and truly thriving. Trade is doing well and as long as trade is doing well, the Bodyguard Guild is as well.

With it's size and ubiquity, it isn't just the guards themselves that are something to be reckoned with. See, the sheer girth and footprint of the guild can be a bit daunting for those not included in its bulk. The guild gets first dibs on bounties posted in town, members get preferential treatment at many establishments, and they have a legal stranglehold on protection services for caravans heading east.

There is a branch of the Arbor Society in Caldura. Known members include an info-broker by the name of Malcolm, the big bald Landis, and a mute named Quinn. And, of course, the door-keeper, Willow.

And to top it all off, there's the ever-mysterious Shadow Council that rules the city. It's some sort of convoluted political system that dictates that the rulers must rule anonymously. Apparently it works, because the city seems to be doing well.

Party History

A bunch. No, but really.

This is where the party first met Malcolm. Malcolm was introduced to them via a message from Olivia where she described him as someone they could trust. Brox mentioned that Ponty sometimes met with Malcolm here, as well. It's also where they first pissed off Malcolm, who accused the party of not taking the Convergence and the Envoys seriously. In the same breath, he half-accused them of murdering both Duke Flyndor and Craatt Mornatuse.

The party was reunited with their favorite racist, Dale, scarred and marred by the explosion at Brigburg, who claimed that the spark for that particular incident was none other than Temayriti Flyndor.

They took some jobs in the pursuit of money (as one does). They found a runaway dog, fixed up an old woman's house, and attempted to return a lost locket, but instead found a secret society. It happens.

They saved a higher-up in the Bodyguard Guild who was turned to stone by a medusa, and fought the medusa and some displacer beasts in the process.

They met Thomas, and his friends Leena, Jack, and Alice here. Zteven picked a fight with Leena, then Alice damn near killed half the party with a single enormous fireball. After some back and forth, the conflict was stopped by Thomas, and between both him and Statera, a peaceful conclusion was reached.

Recent Events

The city experienced a bit of a pinch when the majority of the Bodyguard Guild answered a summons to Orta, promising gold in exchange for attendance. They relied on the help of adventurers who didn't answer the summons, like our party or Thomas and his friends. The guild members that did attend should be returning shortly though, so everything should be fine.