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The Eastern Sister of Centria's Siblings of Commerce


Caldeera, the eldest of the two sister cities, is the Eastern trade hub of Centria. Though I say it's the eldest, that may be a bit misrepresentative, as, prior to it's renovation into Caldura, Pullboar was around for many years longer. But times change and people forget. All it takes is a glance at the streets and buildings to know that this city has lost a bit of its shine over the years.

But don't get me wrong, Caldeera is still the third largest city in Centria. Streets are packed with vendors and their barkers, and during holidays the inns are stuffed to capacity. Once per season, there's a grand festival in the name of Horizon, punctuated by food, drink, and song evokative of the season, coalescing into a city-wide chorus of "The Chaser's Dream", a song about a man chasing Horizon as part of the Sun-Blind Caravan.

Party History

The party stopped here for a short while before heading west on the Calden Road. They subjugated some goblins and saved King Nuk-Nuk in exchange for a faster ride to Caldura.

Recent Events

Murder! In broad daylight, no less. At least, that's how the rumor goes. Supposedly Turnip Kinsbury, a Gnomish woman, began screaming and strangled a man in the middle of town. People tried to pull her off of him, but she wouldn't let go until he was dead. It turns out the man she (allegedly) strangled, Craatt Mornatuse, was a higher up in the Caldeeran branch of the Arbor Society. According to some fliers that have been distributed, Turnip is slated to be executed in about a week.