Brimblebore's Tower

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Home of Brimblebore the Blue


A humble tower situated between Brigburg and Portington that was, both in appearance and in rumor, home to a powerful wizard who goes by the name of Brimblebore the Blue.

Party History

After agreeing to help Tom, a stressed chicken-person, the party found themselves braving Brimblebore the Blue's highly advanced security system, designed to keep even the most intrepid adventurers out. After Brox fell into a secret door, the party took Brimblebore's stuff (including his beard, staff, hat, robes, and dignity), and left him to his own devices after changing the poor chickenthrope back to his original form, unveiling Brimblebore's status as a sham in the process.

Recent Events

Unknown. Oddly enough no one seems to be talking about Brimblebore the Blue. Huh.