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Northwestern Port Town


Once known as a thriving port town, Beelraft has lost some of its luster. Following the strange phenomenon that left the Oakshire Trail, the only route to Caldura (Pullboar, at the time), impassable, Bigsail Bay picked up their slack and overtook them as the leading port town on the west coast, and the primary point of trade with the Dwarven Continent.

Party History

An up-and-coming merchant named Johann asked our party to clear the Oakshire Trail, as this particular trade route is very important to running his business. This was rather convenient, because they needed to make their way to a port town anyway, as they had heard word of an Envoy on the Dwarven Continent.

Here the party met Theodore - a young boy concerned for the well-being of Captain Mort - who was to take the party to the Dwarven Continent. Right after he got his sail back, that is. Theodore stole and hid the Captain's sail to prevent his death. As it turns out, the reason he thought the Captain would die was because his brother, Thad, decided to kill him over a woman.

Upon the party's return from the Dwarven Continent, Theodore was overtaken by a strange force, which Olivia later revealed to be the Envoy of Enchantment. While under the effects of this force, he claimed to be 'Songsprite' and demonstrated an intense and concerning hatred of 'Usidore the Red'. Usidore the Blue, who apparently looks just like his red counterpart, did not recognize this man at all, provoking his ire until he began to foam at the mouth. Statera strangled him to sleep and tossed him into the bushes.

Recent Events

Nothing of note. At least... that we're aware of.