The Story

The story so far:

The "Dreams"

Many of the people in Kradforth have been having a shared dream where a large shadowy being is attacking them.

Our "heros" have figured out, while being questioned with some other dreamers at the castle, that people taken by the shadow die in their sleep.

In the most recent "dream" the king of Worthelm was seen holding his ground while the shadow attempted to take him. Our "heros" later learned that the king went into the dream via magic to protect his people.

Partying up

Glenn'zly Swaddlesworth met Sidabras Zillara in the library of Wymoor, the town nearest Zillara's hidden home. They've traveled together for some time now (hopefully this will be covered in a future campaign) in Zillara's quest to learn of humans.

They met with Dyne(?) shortly after being held for questioning about their "dreams" in the castle when Dyne was also brought to the castle to be questioned. Dyne agreed to join them in attempt to help find the mysterious plants seen near the shadow in the "dreams."
After being questioned, the party met with king Dumbledork Dumbledork (named by Ryan, decided by highest history roll) where they decided to search for the strange plants from the dreams.

Walcove 1

The party first made their way to Walcove where they learned how lazy some of the Worthelm guards can be. They found no evidence or helpful clues about the plant they're searching for, but did find a shark in the freshwater lake. The shark was killed and sold to Bob from Bob's Boating, for what turned out to be a net gain of 0 gold.

Highhills and Windmills

The party next made their way towards Bechworth Farms, but along the way they encountered Stan the goblin and his gang. Stan mercifully allowed Glenn'zly to keep one loaf of his bread this time after he was put into a magically induced laughing fit.

Seeing as the bridge was out, the party next made their way further north to Highhill Village, where they met a woman who was in despirate need of a 3 foot stone gear for her windmill. The party decided to fetch this gear for her from the nearby market town known as Trader's Post. They faced no resistance on their way to Trader's post, but once there they had quite a time bartering with Jimmy, the windmill salesman, and a potato farmer. After receiving the gear, and learning of Sidabras' seemingly infinite bag of holding, they made their way back to Highhill where they fixed the broken windmill and received payment for their hard work.

Next they made their way back to Trader's Post, where they spent a night in a rather luxurious inn.

Where are they now?

The party is currently making their way out of Trader's Post after delivering a stone gear for a woman in Highhill Village. They're making their way to the swamplands by way of Wreathshire.