Not the players, but still characters

Stan the Gerblin

Stan is a goblin who has, on every occasion possible, stolen all of Glenn'zly's bread.

Bob, from Bob's Boating

Bob is a fisherman who also rents boats out. He is stationed in Walcove where he runs his business Bob's Boating. He'll likely be the final boss of the campaign.


Jimmy is a slimey windmill salesman who seems completely legit. Completely. He sold the party a large stone gear for a quest once.

Paul Shorterman Dumbledork

Paul is a kind-hearted fellow, and is the third son of King Dumbledork Dumbledork. He thinks his siblings aren't kind enough to their subjects. WooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooo forshadowing!

King Dumbledork Dumbledork

The king is very well liked and generally regarded as one of the most prosperous rulers of Kradforth. The party are some of the lucky few who know the truth of how the king is protecting the dreamers from the shadow.