Story Logs

These are the logs kept during the play sessions, usually hand-written in my notebook.

Session 1

  1. Introduced the characters
  2. Had "Dreams
  3. Saw some shit (in the dreams)
  4. Got questioned
  5. Found King
  6. met king's 3rd son
  7. agreed to a quest to find plants for king
  8. "Avoided" some gerblins
  9. lost all the bread
  10. forested / murdered a fox
  11. traveled to Walcove
  12. attempted to swim
  13. spoke to a lazy guardsman
  14. Talked to Bob from Bob's Boating, told them about weird animals in the Lake
  15. Got Weird at a well
  16. found an Inn/savepoint

Session 2

  1. Ryan named the king Dumbledork Dumbledork, and therefor Paul became Paul Shorterman Dumbledork
  2. Put a shark to sleep
  3. Killed said shark
  4. "sold" shark to Bob
  5. Stayed at an inn
  6. Nick lost almost all the bread to Stan the goblin
  7. Nick mutilated a squirrel and killed an elk
  8. Sam made jerky for the party
  9. the bridge was out so they continued north
  10. Sam killed a goat and got a giant pelt from it, a really soft pelt
  11. accepted a quest to get a large gear fro a woman in Highhill
  12. terrorized a potato salesman
  13. completed quest and rested at savepoint inn
  14. bought 2 health potions from Brewskies on free health potion day
  15. Dyne knocked a wolfs head clean off (with his fists)
  16. tried to sell some pelts in Trader's Post
  17. Stayed in Trader's Post Inn
  18. Glenn'zly was very upset about the day, but the inn was very nice