Dream-linked Journey

The people:

The Dragon

Sidabras Zillara, played by Ryan, is a silver dragon in human form travelling with Glenn'zly to learn more about how mere humans are able to accomplish so much in such a short time. He basically has godmode as I've givin him a perk I call "limitless Wealth" and he's bascially been immune to fighting thus far.

The Rogue

Glenn'zly Swaddlesworth, played by Nick, is a friendly and well-spoken halfling that's always happy to help people, except for Stan the goblin... Stan always steals his bread. His adventures with Sidabras Zillara will hopefully be covered in a prequel series I'd like to do.

The Monk

Dyne, played by Sam, is not your average monk. He's quite terrible at swimming, but he's pretty good at punching things to death... Probably. We haven't seen much combat.

The World:


Kradforth is one of the 2 main continents of the world. It is mainly inhabited by humans who have accents suspicously similar to southern accents. Most of the story will probably take place here.

A map of Kradforth